One of my latest projects is “the Illuminated Certificates”, a way of thanking enlightened art lovers who have supported the restauration of artworks in the Vatican Museum, commissioned by the Italian and International Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums.

The certificates are written in Latin, using a Medieval font, the Duc de Berry, very common at the time, starting from the Très Riches Heures, the famous illuminated book of hours illustrated by the Lindborg Brothers and commissioned by Jean de France, the Duke de Berry himself, in the early 15th century. My illuminated certificates are a modern take on Medieval manuscripts. The illuminated letters themselves are a collage, made up of various types of precious-looking paper, ribbon, fabric, tiny objects, rusty metal bits, anything that can help build a rich textural surface.


The text has been put together by Roberta Monica Ridolfi, an expert of Latin Palaeolography by combining opening and closing formulae that were in use during the 15th c. to thank donors (Incipit with Invocatio and Explicit)